Monday, June 20, 2011

The Stress of Foreverness

Several people have said to me I should blog. I need to
blog. I ought to blog. I’d love blogging. You have lots to say. Blog. Blog.
Official reaction?  ARGH!!!!
Actually, I think I’ve come to realize that part of the problem is the
foreverness of a blog. Not that I expect a zillion people to read it. Not even
any I guess. But to put my thoughts out there on that massive all encompassing
thing called the Internet is unnerving.
What if six months from now I decide that what I thought was SOOOO
important is really quite stupid? What if I make an idiot out of myself?
They say—whoever THEY are—once something is put on the web
it’s there forever.  Heck, I tell my students that when trying to discourage them from doing unbelievably stupid things like putting bad (meaning inappropriate) pictures of themselves.
That is one big thing that has been keeping me from blogging. The foreverness.
But, there are several things that are quite important to me.  And many things I want to say... So, I’m going to try. Can’t promise much except my honest opinion. And meanwhile?  Don’t expect me to try Twitter. One electronic triumph at a time, eh?