About Sara

Sara V. Olds has been telling stories for as long as she can remember.  At last creating a homebase—Idaho—she's heading into her latest adventure dogs, horse and this time, not-a-cat (she doesn't do cats) at her side. With her family—Large (and his family), Medium and Small—now grown and spread to the four winds, she is enjoying this new stage of life. 

Always the teacher, she's still in the middle school classroom, creating curriculum, and opening the world to her students. 

She loves making people laugh, bringing history and the wonder of the world to life, and finding endless tales of adventure in her globe-trotting travels. The home of her heart is London since age 4 when she announced she was going to live there, and the moment she breathed English air at age 19, she knew she was right.

She also loves the stage, her violin, her dogs, dressage, the mountains, skiing and chocolate (the important things in life).

Her future plans include returning to the page to complete three more World War II books which will bring Her Warring Heart Series to six. And, it's time to finish the Heir's of Albion Series which will bring that series to three. She also dreams of competing with Pegasus Sprint her off-track thoroughbred, if he can once and for all stop hurting himself. 

Perhaps, she will answer Africa's call, ride across the Mongolian Steppe, start SCUBA diving again or find her way into some of the incredible landscapes of Asia she so thrills to share with her students. 

Whatever lies ahead, her strong personal beliefs are her anchor and she continues to assume the best of everyone. 

Teaching Awards: June 2023 National Finalist for National History Day Teacher of the Year (Idaho's nominee). 
September 2014  – Utah History Teacher of the Year.
October 2013 – Fox News Teacher of the Week, Salt Lake City, UT. 
June 2013 – VFW Utah Teacher of the Year.

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