About Sara

Sara V. Olds has been telling stories for as long as she can remember. She’s constantly on the move. Her first priority is her family—Large (and his new family), Medium and Small. They are as important to her as her beliefs, but she also pours her heart and soul into teaching Junior High History, where her students never know what to expect—from a costumed Mrs. Olds to a heart-molding discussion on patriotism.

She loves making people laugh, bringing history to life and finding endless tales of adventure in her globe-trotting travels. The home of her heart is London since age 4 when she announced she was going to live there and the moment she breathed English air at age 19, she knew she was right.

She also loves the stage, her violin, her dogs, horses, the mountains, skiing and chocolate (the important things in life).

Teaching Awards: October 2013 – Fox News Teacher of the Week, Salt Lake City, UT.; June 2013 – VFW Utah Teacher of the Year.

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