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Middle Grade: 

Anna: A Farewell to Juarez

In the early 1900s, several colonies of American living in Mexico were forced to leave the country and everything they owned as the soldiers of Pancho Villa swept through the area. They were simple, hardworking people, many of them farmers. They lived peacefully with their Mexican neighbors. Eight year-old Anna is the middle child in one of these American families. Although she has to work hard to help her family, she loves having fun and has many adventures just being a kid. But her ordered, peaceful life becomes full of fear and uncertainity as the Mexican Revolution brings some of Pancho Villa’s army to her hometown of Juarez. Strange and scary things start to happen.

2003 EPPIE Finalist Children’s Division, 2001 November Wing’s Editor’s Choice Award, 2000 Best new ebook for Children in 2000, 1997 Finalist Juvenile Novel Division - Pacific Northwest Writer’s Conference Literary Competition

Young Adult: 

My Life as a Lumberjack or How I Fell for the Wrong Guy(s)

Me, Mercedes Bennion? Working for the US Forest Service? I’ve never thought of myself as the outdoorsy, hard-working type. But one quick glance at those mouth-watering forest rangers and oh, baby, sign this seventeen-year-old up for a whole summer of fresh air, mountains and starry, starry nights!

2013 EPPIE FINALIST Young Adult Division



Trained bomber pilots in World War II Britain should be worth their weight in gold, but not if they’re women. Top graduate of an experimental program to train women as pilots in Britain, Captain Kimberly Thomson struggles to prove her worth in the man’s world of the U.S. Army Air Corps of 1942. Complicating her life further is her transfer to the 816th Bomb Group commanded by the virile, handsome but dedicated to duty, Brigadier General Mark Lansing.

2nd Place Contemporary Division - RWA “Love in Uniform” Competition 1997

Praise for Brigadier:
"The unusual setting of this story, in an era many writers shy away from tackling, particularly in a romance, made for a refreshing change from the usual historical fare. Ms Olds did not avoid confronting the ugliness of the time but, from the opening air raid to the final nail-biting flight, she managed to convey an authentic picture without resorting to gratuitous violence. This made her simple tale of love triumphing, even in the midst of such dark times in our history, all the sweeter. If you are tired of the usual Regency or Medieval romances, why not give yourself a deserved break and step back to the 1940s with General Lansing and his ‘Brigadier’. Ms Olds has given us a heroine to admire and a hero to die for--you'll be rooting for them all the way. Four Stars!" ~ Rhiannon Owen, Scribes World Review

"You will love the charm and beauty of this story of the trials that the women of war endured, also the love story that Ms. Old’s entwines will leave you so enchanted. This is a very talented lady. EXCELLENT!! 4 BELLS!" ~ Donita Lawrence, Bell Book & Candle
Letters From the Attic, Book 1: Yours In Haste
Sara V. Olds and Roberta O. Major

In 1745, two close cousins must separate. Fraser accepts a position in Scotland as a governess, where she is caught up in events of the Jacobite rebellion. Pampered Lady Catherine is to be bargained off in marriage to the highest bidder. Whisked away by her sympathetic grandfather, she stumbles into intrigue and adventure. The cousins’ letters to one another are their anchor–letters that span a remarkable year of change for both of them and for the world in which they live.

Letters From the Attic, Book 2: LATELY OF ENGLAND
Sara V. Olds and Roberta O. Major

Lady Elene, sheltered and naive, follows her twin brother from England–and soon finds herself in a struggle to survive in the rough and fertile country of the American Colonies. Glen Rose, carrying the deep wounds of a broken childhood, leaves a tavern-keeper’s bed, and finds her heart is a place rich with possibilities. Daughters of letter-writing cousins Catherine and Fraser of Letters From The Attic, Book One: YOURS IN HASTE, Elene and Glen Rose correspond with each other as their paths carry them from their sheltered and shadowed pasts into a bolder and brighter future.

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