Monday, July 13, 2015

The Highlands!

The thing about the weather in Scotland is that you can't look out the window and wonder what the day's going to be like. Just figure at some point it's gong to rain.
Maybe hard. Maybe this almost feathery sprinkle. Maybe a few splats, but it's going to rain.

This makes shirts and jackets tough. If the sun's out it's warm.  But this week anyway, that's few and far between. 

The mountains are breathtaking. This is outside my hotel in Arrochar (pronounced ahrow-car).
They're steep and sometimes craggy. But they're so green.  This is Loch Lomond. Notice the water fall.
I went looking for a riding stable and ended up basically four wheeling down a country road. (Never found the stable.)
But I did see a brown eagle. Massive wingspan.
The tiny towns are still so remote. This gives the countryside a very auld feel.  Delightful! 
Now if my hotel didn't have that same auld feel, it'd be just about perfect.

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