Friday, June 5, 2020

Harry Day 1

Harry is a bundle of cuts and scrapes. Thoroughbreds are notoriously thin-skinned. He has a cut on his knee, hip and back right leg. His face is swollen from the kick and he's SKINNY!! (They gave him cow hay!!)

First things first. A gentle grooming and mane trim. He does shine in the sunlight.
My mom said he looked sad.

His first time out in the Near pasture.
I wanted to know how he'd react to me. So I went out into the pasture and he trotted away. Boy! Does he have an amazing trot! Big! And floaty. 

I talked to him and didn't look at him and slowly work my way up to him and just sit next to him and scratched his shoulder then walked away. I doubt that's ever happened in his life before. 

I did that three times and the last time as I stood scratching his shoulder he let out a big sigh and his head dropped. It's a good sign. 
And when I walked away he followed me.

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