Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Ender's Game - Movie Moments

A young hero. Gifted. Smart. Bullied. A team of misfits. A future world. The under dogs. Good
computer graphics. A decent plot. Some big name actors.

Ender's Game should have everything to make a great movie. 

Problem: Asa Butterfield was not the right choice for the lead character. I would have liked this movie. Really.  Except that Asa apparently has one reaction for every emotion. Tears. Or at least it looked like his eyes were continually brimming with tears. It was tiring and predictable. And most of the supporting acting team were much better and interesting than Ender was.

Throughout the film, I kept wondering why big names like Harrison Ford and Ben Kingsley were in that movie. I can't imagine that it had the kind of budget that would have met their level of financial requirement.  (Or is it possible they've slid far enough down the pole these days?)

Honestly, by the last big "test"/battle I had started wondering when it would end. How much longer could it go on? And when the last twist came, it was unsurprising.

The worst part was the ending. It was disappointingly dumb. I hate spoilers so I won't ruin it for others, but I hope you aren't as lukewarm about it as I was.

Oh well. Just another average movie. Most tween and early teen kids particularly boys might enjoy it. And certainly fans of Orson Scott Card will be eager to watch it. Just know you might be disappointed.  Or go with low expectations and you may really enjoy it.

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