Thursday, November 7, 2013

Thor--The Dark World -: Movie Moments

If you're looking for gorgeous leading men. Beautiful costumes. A love story. Great throw away lines. And a nice adrenalin rush. (And a little predictability.)  Head off to Thor: The Dark World.

The CGI is much better than the first Thor which makes it much more watchable and cinematic. I wish the fighting weren't done so close to the camera so you could see it more clearly, but the effects are great and I LOVE Captain America's cameo. And it's nice to know Stan Lee is still appearing in the Marvel Movies even though Disney the great and powerful now owns them.

This is going to play well on the big and little screen, but you'll enjoy it more on the big screen. Don't miss it!  Nice to have a movie that left me with a massive grin. A good way to start the upcoming holiday watching binge season.

There are a few scary moments--if you have younger children who scare easily.

Be sure to stay for the WHOLE thing. They have an extra scene and an Easter egg.

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