Sunday, December 15, 2013

A Peek Into "All She Wants for Christmas!"

Thanks to -- they inspired me to share a fun insight into All She Wants for Christmas!

‘Twas the night before Christmas and all through the land
The greedy and selfish had taken a stand.
The stockings ‘cross town had been hung everywhere
With expectations and demands that St. Nick would come there.

Now handsome Ben Herod, Ebenezer by name,
Knew that his not-so-good family had a part in that game.
He had a good heart and loved one and loved all,
And he may have been rich but his heart wasn’t small.

He knew that his family had been trying for years—
And destroying this Christmas and would bring them great cheers.
But as the hero of this tale he knew that won’t do,
And to overcome evil would be quite a coup.
(Okay now you have to say that word right “coo” or rhyme won’t work—just saying.)

So he’s determined and tough and will have no distraction.
But he’s met a young lady and they have quite an attraction.
What he does not know yet, which could change everything—
Is that George, yes it’s George, has her own secret to bring.

She’s the daughter of Santa Claus, oh what a surprise!
And she can do magic right before Ben’s blue eyes.
But she’s had enough of the holiday to last a lifetime
And she’s sure that the Herod’s are nothing but slime.

So can their love blossom and solve problems too?
Will they rescue the holiday or do something new?
You’ll just have read it and find out for yourself.
Or wait for the next visit from that Jolly Old Elf.

Well, I don’t mean to cheat and steal this fine rhyme,
But I will tell you one thing that might give you some time.
I’ve heard that he said ‘ere he drove out of sight—
“Happy Christmas to all and George bid them goodnight!”

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