Tuesday, December 10, 2013

I Will NEVER Ceased to be Amazed by Students

Okay....totally bizarre thing.  Today we were learning about the Revolution.  The American Revolution. All right--let's be precise.  The War for American Independence.

We've been laying the foundation for days now. People, events, places. Well, today's the day. The battles start with the spark! Lexington and Concord...

Problem: We're on assembly schedule and 10 minutes were cut from my class.  AND...we needed to talk about thesis statements for an upcoming project they're working on.  (Yeah, I know...boring at any time...for 8th graders???)

So the bell rings. They're being excused for lunch. Second lunch. Last lunch. We're all starving. 

You could have blown me over with a feather....

"Please, Mrs. Olds, please! Don't stop!"

I laugh. "It's lunch, you guys. We're all starving."

"I know," one young man shouted. "Let's all get our lunches and come back here. You can keep teaching us.  Please?"

I laughed again.

Then I was bombarded with pleading and "ah, come on!" and "We'll do it! Really!"

Ah...I shoulda done it. But I didn't want even one student to feel pressured into staying, so I said no. 

Silly me. Stopping learning?  Heaven forbid.

And what a compliment.  And what a massive responsibility to my incredible students!

Next time, if there is a next time...I'll do without lunch.


  1. Having taught a few 8th graders myself I would say this is incredible. A huge comment to an excellent teacher. Yes, you shoulda done it.

  2. That was my class!! I remember that day. Next time, we should all just bring our lunches in the classroom. It would make class even more fun (if that's possible). :)


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