Friday, July 12, 2013

Pacific Rim: Movie Moments

First, let me say I liked it better than I thought I would.

Those are think Pacific Rim is simply Transformers VS Aliens – it isn’t really like that.
I do NOT recommend this movie for younger children who have a problem with nightmares.

For those who remember Japanese anime shows from the 1980’s and 1990’s….this movie will make perfect sense to you.
Kaiju (alien/monsters—almost Godzilla-like) coming through the Rift bent on destroying Earth against the Jaegers (massive robotic—but human piloted).

Strong Stuff:
*The CGI is beautifully done.

*The music fits.
*The aliens which come from the dark and water have cool things like luminescent stripes which add depth to them.

*Good humor moments.
*Loved the Marshal’s character.

Weak Stuff:
*Because all the fighting happens at night and usually in the rain—it’s hard to tell exactly what’s happening  there’s so much machinery flying in different directions it’s very difficult to really get a sense of what damage is happening. (Transformers had the similar problem…)

*Characters are fairly stock. Handsome arrogant jock who needs to be taken down a peg, Handsome emotional wounded jock who needs to set aside the past, Sweet young girl who is tougher than she looks, goofy—caricature scientists.
*Like Voltron (if you don’t know who Voltron is…you may not “get” this movie)—unexpectedly there’s a sword.

*Part of its problem is that it tries to tell too big of a story, so no character really has a chance to develop.
Oh, and I felt so bad for Hong Kong!  Talk about being smashed! (Then again in Man of Steel Metropolis had the same problem…uh…who pays for all the rebuilding damage anyway?)

So, if you like battling science fictiony things. Suspend your disbelief and go be entertained for two hours.
Romantics like me, would’ve enjoyed at least one kiss.

And for those little kids dying to see the smash ‘em bash ‘em robots (there is a moment of homage in the film--btw, nice)…wait for the small screen. It will be less scary/intense/overpowering.

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