Wednesday, July 17, 2013

The Host: Movie Moments (DVD)

The Host was written by Stephenie Meyer of Twilight Fame. I’m not a Twilight Fan. I saw the first three movies because my teenage daughter begged me. I have not read The Host and I had heard nothing of the story but that the book was good and the book was bad. The movie was good and the movie was bad.

So…I decided to give it try. (Thanks to a free Redbox!)

Plot: The world – now “perfect” – has been taken over by aliens who use human bodies as hosts. (Hence the name.) Only a few humans remain and they’re being hunted down. The story follows one girl who while she is taken as a host, her consciousness remains alive and trapped and fights against the control of the alien.

I’ve gotta say I LOVE the shiny stuff the aliens use. The silver eggs they come in. Their cars. And everything is very neat and orderly. Except for the Seeker’s shoes! What costume designer thought those tall brown, ugly things when the character was wearing stark all white thought those were a good idea??

But…it’s SLOW! Very slow.

The plot is pedantic and predictable. And like Twilight there are two guys which complicate the girl’s feelings…then again, there are two people/beings in her body so I guess that’s explains the need for two guys, eh?

The acting is okay.

What is it with everyone wanting to use the Valley of the Gods as a background?  (Remember the Lone Ranger)

There’s way too much kissing. (It’s used as a tool for the inner real girl to “communicate”…sorta.) It’s just like watching a make out session. Rolling eyes. And every kiss doesn’t need to involve being slammed up against a wall for intensity. (Just a note for future directors and writers.)

The music does nothing to add to the intensity—emotional, otherwise. It nearly overpowers everything with the heavy bass and syrupy sweet melodies.

I can see why The Host came and went quickly. If you’ve missed it, don’t waste your time. If you saw it and paid movie theater price—that is unfortunate for you. This alien romance is a skip.

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  1. I'm not a Twilight fan either, so I'm not surprised with your review. But I too saw the Twilight movie with teens and liked it okay, far more than the book. Thanks for the heads up on this movie. Nice job again!


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