Tuesday, June 10, 2014

A Grand American History Tour

In days of old, young men and young women went on the Grand Tour of Europe to complete their education. It’s what the cultured folk wanted for their children.

Well, today, I believe that our children need the Grand Tour of American History to help inspire them to love our country and to bring these important moments of our history to life. To this video generation especially, I want a 3D experience.

So…I have created a Year’s Worth of History in Two Weeks for my daughter. School's out and it's time to hit the road!

Of course, there are places I would still have liked to take her and we have more purpose in going than just seeing American historical sites—we going to visit sites important to our religious history as well. This affected our choices of where we are going in some cases.

But how will it be done and where are we going? I’ll share our adventure.

Political Periods (which follow my class curriculum):
Early Explorers and Pre-Colonial Era
Early Colonial
Colonial – Revolutionary War
Constitutional Development
Early Republic
Issues Leading to the Civil War:
Industrial Revolution (Including the Erie Canal)
Westward Expansion
The Civil War
Not bad for two weeks, eh?

Well hang on for the ride of the summer!

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