Friday, June 13, 2014

Four National Parks in One Day

For someone from the West, it can be challenging to grasp how close together everything is in the East.

We visited four national parks today. Granted two were tiny--focusing on the C&O canal system, but nevertheless we managed to see four!

One challenge traveling with a teenager is that they can get tour burnout. So pick and choose where time will be spent. Ask for their input and listen!

A visit to Jefferson Rock seemed to appeal to me until the heat and humidity nearly did us in just touring the town of Harper's Ferry. I asked her if she minded if we didn't go. Her response? 

"I'm not that interested in it anyway. I was just going for you."

What a sport. So when the choice between starting our of Gettysburg in the evening or swimming came along...swimming it was. Gettysburg will be there tomorrow.

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