Saturday, June 21, 2014

Valley Forge!

BHow could I not realize how close Valley Forge is to Philadelphia?

Life lesson: keep your eyes open for unexpected opportunities!

The freeway sign said Valley Forge and so we went.

Not sure what I thought I'd find, but certainly not the lovely rolling valley. But the isolation made the suffering of Washington's men easily understood.  Where would they get their supplies? What if the British headed out of Philadelphia? The desperation was almost palpable.

The highlights.. Von Steuben is pronounced: Von Stoy-Ben. (I hate mispronouncing  things)

This year we will look at the letter Washington sent to Congress. It's so readable! I think my students will love hearing Wasington's voice but more importantly, I think they'll be able to gather from the text the desperate circumstances of the Continental Army during that oh, so, dreadful time.

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