Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Our Past Come Alive

Colonial Williamsburg is sort of like Disneyland for history buffs. 

Period costumes. Amazing homes, furniture and details. 

One can buy tricorn hats or booents with ribbons. Old fashioned games and beautifully crafted decorations. 

I came to Williamsburg two years ago thanks to Driven to Teach, an organization funded bythe Larry H. Miller family trying to engage teachers into teaching better history.  I LOVED it. (See my past blog).

This trip with my daughter in hand, I wondered if she would catch the magic and if I would find that same breathtaking delight.

We are not used to humidity and that made our adventure tough. But...

Standing at the Capitol listening to the Declaration of Independence read to the townspeople as it was over 200 years ago. It was worth it all. 

 And best of all?

Those words are like familiar friends and it felt like I'd come home.

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