Tuesday, June 25, 2013

A Moose, Two Boats and an EASY Hike

From the Many Glaciers Hotel—a Swiss Chalet from the pages of history, you can take a brief and I mean brief, Swiftcurrent Lake is not very big, boat ride across the lake…take a peek at the beaver lodge and then stop at the other side. There you hop off the boat. Hike over the hill to Josephine Lake. Take another boat miraculously kept there and go across it. On the other side, you can hike contentedly if you’d like back to the hotel about 3 miles or up into the mountains, or wait a few minutes and sail back the way you came.

Our highlight? A young male moose. Munching his way along the edge of Josephine Lake. We watched him eat. Swim and then climb out.

It must be exhausting to be a moose and drag that massive body back on land.

The employees of this park are warm, friendly, clean cut, personable, knowledgeable and what a great summer job.

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