Thursday, June 20, 2013

Peace in the Ponderosas

Wind whispers through Ponderosa Pines sounding like a rivers rushing through a

canyon. With birds singing in the background, an infrequent neigh of a distant horse and few bugs to bother, I think I’ve found paradise. The Custer Area of South Dakota is frequently visited because of Mt. Rushmore. That’s why we came. What we’ve found in our little campground (Welikit—and we do) is a nice peaceful break from the hubbub of tourists.

We rode in the mountains this morning. Cool, beautiful and feeling quite remote despite the KOA from which we left which sounded like a theme park with all the happily screeching children. (A perfect place btw for those with many little people to entertain.) A whitetail doe watched us unconcerned. A mother cow bellowed her fears at us and sturdy horses carried back into the National Forest Land.

I was content.

Oh, and for "My Life As a Lumberjack" fans…note that we made Omelets…Benz style. In a Baggie. Small was quite fascinated with the process. So will you be, if you try it.

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