Monday, June 17, 2013

The Corps of Discovery Lives Again Or Preparing for Vacations...How Did I Get Into This?

Funny how much work a vacation takes!

Brainstorming for ideas--where, when, how and that nasty four letter word: cost.

Reservations, maps (paper ones NOT strictly electronic--ask "Large" my oldest--about the necessity of not just relying on those), menus, packing, planning, re-planning,

But to have "Small" beg me to take her on a Mother/Daughter trip--like last year's three day trip to Yellowstone--was one of those things I couldn't turn down. Despite the fact that it has since turned into a ten day monster driving marathon.

And...the historian in me couldn't resist some historical stops on the way.

However, I'm looking forward to the moment we pull out and in our little "space capsule" the van, we will be gassed, watered, snacked, music-ed, movied and packed and from that point until we return we can do it all on our time.

Assuming, that is...I survive to that point.

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