Saturday, June 8, 2013

Humbling Moments - VFW Utah Teacher of the Year

Today, I visited the Veterans of Foreign Wars state convention in Ogden, Utah.  (The VFW). These are men and women who sacrificed for our freedom and our country. They are a service organization who strive to increase patriotism and teach citizenship to our youth.

I went because they honored me as their middle school level Teacher of the Year.

First, I've got to say they take their awards seriously! A received a beautiful plaque and two certificates. One for me and one for my school.  The message on it touched my heart:

"Teachers change our society one day, one class lesson one student at a time. There's no more important job. And there's no one who does the role better...Thank you."

Second, as I stood in front of these hardworking, caring people, I felt humbled. Humbled that they would recognize me and my efforts. When what I wanted to do, was simply applaud them. They are the ones who deserve the recognition. They are the ones who have not given up the fight for freedom. They are the ones that know that the lessons of responsibility and courage and honor must be passed on to the next generations.

So, thank you and you.

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