Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Beautiful Mykonos

With a cooling breeze, Mykonos was a billion times more comfortable than sweltering Athens.

The port town is an unbelievably delightful maze of shops, tavernas and houses. Walt Disney himself couldn't have designed a sweeter, more enjoyable place.

Private Yachts. Those things
were huge!!

But, watch out for the trucks! Really. Tiny trucks which send all the pedestrians....shopkeepers included, scurrying for steps, alcoves or stores to get out of the way.

Everything here is white, white, white. It gives it a very clean feel.

My favorite thing was the beautiful handmade jewelry and art work--paintings, handwoven fabrics, pottery. Too bad I'm about shopped out.
Our ship anchored. We had to tender in.

But it was a fun day not to go out away from the town. Just grabbed the computer and TRIED to access the Internet.

And what else? Taste some....baklava, of course!

This is some of the best of the whole trip. To say that it's buttery, seems weird. But it was sweet but not too. And very gooey!
I really want some of those little knives and forks.....

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