Sunday, June 21, 2015

Troy Of Homer, Achilles and Brad Pitt Fame

Famous Greek poet, Homer tells the story of the fall of Troy and the 10 year siege of the city when Prince Paris steals away Helen. One of the great beauties of the time and the Greeks go after her to bring her home.

Think giant granite or marble Legos--notches on
both the column and the base show where they connect.
The Greeks appear to give up and one day in their stead was a massive wooden horse. This, the Trojans are dumb enough to bring inside the city and have a big party celebrating their victory. They get drunk and fall asleep. Out pops the Greek army and slaughters everyone. (Well, except for Achilles who is almost impervious to every thing and he incredibly is shot in the heel, the one place he's vulnerable-- by a spear--lucky shot--and dies...this is the Brad Pitt character in case you're needing a drool.)

The playwright Euripides tells the survivors tale in Trojan Women. Depressing!

But to two actors, a history teacher and a mathematician--not me--my husband
this place was AMAZING!

His comment? "And people think you don't need math!  Look at all this precise detail!"

Me? I left part of myself there. Bugs got me! And my blood it there. Ick!

And explain how just my right forearm got sunburned....

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